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This hot new unit has it all. A built in strobe, fader and a new breathe function, all with just a push of a button!  Control your LEDs from up to 75 feet away!



On/Off Turn lights on and off. Can be solid-on in any one of the brightness modes

  • Breathe  Fading looping mode that goes from bright to dim and then back to bright in approx. 4 seconds. With this function the LEDs will appear to be "breathing" 
  • Strobe - Flashes at a rate of 130ms.  This remote control has 8 different strobe patterns that will definitely make your bike stand out. Choose between 2 -7 strobe patterns. 

Dim Select one of 8 different intensity modes:  adjustable form 12% brightness up to 100%


Product #940-00-060

Remote Control - Strobe/Breathe

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