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P/N: 931-3310

This stacked headlamp assembly is an aftermarket version of OEM headlights on trucks and special vehicles.

Bezel/door is raw plastic: P/N# 44889-04I

High/Low beam H4656 bulb P/N# 425-414656

Low beam H4651 bulb P/N# 425-414651

Body: Black polycarbonate.

Size: 9-1/8" wide x 12-3/8" high Bezel  x 5-1/2" deep in stacked housing unit configuration with bezel.

Mounting: 14 mounting holes for #10 screws. Four mounting holes must be used to connect the two units


  • International Eagle (either side)
  • Morgan Olson #46000202
  • National Oilwell #93067309


Assembly is made in the USA.

KD Lamp Product Andover Ohio 44003


P/N# 931-3310

International Eagle Headlight Assembly - With Dual 4x6 GE Bulbs

SKU: 931-3310
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