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This 23-LED GEN III TIR (Total Internal Reflectivity) grille or bar light can be attached with 3/8” steel stud adjustable swivel mounting bracket. The refracted, crystal clear polycarbonate lens provides needed warning and maximum visibility. Durable weather resistant injection molded ABS housing and polycarbonate lens. 15” wire leads with connectors to heavy duty flash controller. 8’ power cable with off/on switch and 5 Amp inline fuse that easily ties into vehicle light control unit.


Voltage: 12VDC (11V-14V) .25 (1/4) amp usage


Body: Polycarbonate lens and ABS housing


Size: 3.5" x 2.75"


Mounting: Swivel mount stud and rotational bracket

Product #864-06-127

Red Square LED Strobe/Flasher Light- Stud Mount

SKU: 864-06-127
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