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These ruggedly built grille, bar or trunk lights are and excellent value. Molded in color PolyCarb lenses with durable black ABS housings and the steel stud mounting bracket will certainly last a long time and provide the needed warning and visibility. Working Voltage 12VDC (11V-14V) 1.6 amp usage. Durable weather resistant injection molded ABS housing and polycarbonate lenses. Steel adjustable swivel mounting bracket with 3/8" stud. Light: 2 - 7" x 3" with 1 Xenon Tube, molded in color refracted lenses for ultra bright colors. 15 ft leads with connectors to heavy duty flash controller. 8 ft power cable from flash controller with off/on switch and a 5 Amp inline fuse. All components have connectors to easily tie into vehicle light control unit.


Product #862-06-130

Red Rectangular Strobe Light W/ Stud Mnt

SKU: 862-06-130
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