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To assure continuous delivery of the highest quality components, we have equipped our tool room with precision stamping machinery. The variety of stamping presses can fulfill multiple stamping needs. Our stamping capacity in progressive die presses ranges from 250 to 400 ton. Our stamping capacity in single hit presses ranges from 16 to 120 ton. Additional capabilities at our stamping facility include roll forming, seam welding, spot welding and wire harness manufacturing.

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Our plastic injection molding facility gives us the capability to produce a range of complex plastic automotive grade components. Injection presses range in size from 75 to 750 ton. Quality being our top priority, QC inspections including dimensional verification and SPC controls are completed.

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We have the capability to produce our lighting products, by machine made & automated controls. Included is the ability to perform component riveting and sub-assembly manufacturing. Light testing controls are in place to affirm illumination of our products. The ability to meet our customer demands is possible through our standardized inventory control and lean manufacturing mind set.

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ATC Lighting & Plastics Inc. is an ISO 9001/14001 and IATF 16949 certified Company.

It is the policy of ATC Lighting and Plastics, Inc. and Subsidiaries to provide products and services that will enable each company to earn their customers highest supplier ratings. This will be achieved through continuous improvement of processes and capabilities and ATC Lighting & Plastics commitment to satisfy all applicable requirements. The earning of the highest quality ratings will increase each company’s value to its customers and result in growth as the company strives to ...


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ATC 65th Anniversary (279 KB)

Environmental Policy (261 KB)

IATF 16949 (445 KB)

ISO14001 (121 KB)

ISO9001 (122 KB)

KDL 100th Anniversary (274 KB)

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